Why Evangelicals Don’t Want Brandan Robertson to Be an Evangelical

Brandan-RobertsonBrandan Robertson is a twenty-two year old blogosphere phenom.

His activism has scattered his posts, photos, and tweets all over social media. Last year, he started an organization called Evangelicals for Marriage Equality, and a few days ago he almost broke the Internet machine when he lost a book deal with an evangelical publisher after coming out as queer.

Brandan is committed to his evangelical faith. He entered Moody Bible Institute a wide-eyed conservative evangelical and left Moody an intellectually honest, progressive evangelical. He maintains a blog called Revangelical “to help others rethink, reform, and renew what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus in our post-modern, post-Christian world.”

There is one reason why the comments sections following his blog posts call to mind the Inquisition, and why he lost his book deal. It’s the same reason that evangelicals don’t want Robertson to keep calling himself an evangelical. If he is allowed to be part of their group, it means they’ve not only lost the culture war, but now they’re losing their own definition of “evangelical”…

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