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Open Minded Church With the help of a growing network of church leaders, I put together a new website at openmindedchurch.org.

Because the church I pastor, One Church, live streams our services and uploads on sermons on Youtube, I frequently receive the same question from various parts of the country, “Do you know of any churches like One Church in my area?

Most of the time I don’t, so I decided to ask some friends to compile a growing database of forward-thinking Christian churches with contemporary worship music around the country.

In a few weeks, we’ve created a directory of 66 churches in 22 states. We know, however, that there are many more out there. For example, Doug Pagitt believes that there are potentially up to 200 contemporary, progressive congregations in the U.S.

Let’s find them and connect them! You can visit the continually expanding directory at openmindedchurch.org. If you know of a contemporary, open-minded church in your area where thinking people are encouraged to wrestle with their questions and doubts, please submit the church.

Thank you.


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