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New Series- We’re All In This Together: Ephesians

Together EphesiansThis Sunday, One Church is beginning a new sermon series entitled We’re All In This Together: Ephesians.  I have two goals for the series:

  1. To apply practical wisdom from Ephesians to our lives
  2. To learn how to interpret the Bible in the 21st Developed World

Ephesians is a great letter for educating the congregation on how to interpret the Bible. There are questions of authorship and recipients, the cultural context of recipients, our relationship to people who practice other religions, statements about slavery and the role of women, and angels and demons.

In addition, Ephesians is incredibly relevant to our time, and to any time, really. It’s message is about hope and empowerment for people who are tempted to give up hope because they feel powerless to change their circumstances. It speaks to a divided American culture and to stressed out people who are not sure how to balance the demands of life.

Here are the sermon titles:

Feb. 2   | Thankful for You

Feb. 9   | Despite Our Differences

Feb. 16 | How to Stay Together

Feb. 23 | Family Values?

Mar. 2  | Angels and Demons


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