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The Future of Evangelicals and the LGBT Community

(Also see my four-part post “Why I Welcome Those Who Are Gay”.)

This weekend, I will interview two people in One Church who have important experiences to share regarding Christians and the gay community. One is the mother of a gay daughter. The other is a woman who has been in a committed relationship with her partner for 14 years.

The vast majority of One Church accepts those who are gay and will welcome their personal stories this Sunday with open arms. I wholeheartedly believe that churches like One Church will increase in number and size over the next ten years, as more and more Evangelicals exit congregations that eschew intellectual curiosity and cultural openness.

As the inevitability of legal same sex marriage takes hold from state to state, the political battle is winding down in the U.S., just as it has in the fifteen countries that have already made same sex marriage legal. I wonder, however, if the battle within U.S. Evangelical churches is just beginning.

Mainline Christians have been debating the ordination of gay pastors for 30 years or more, but because of the conservative nature of Evangelicalism, Evangelicals have largely avoided church disagreements. This is now changing.

I encounter Christians on a weekly basis who were raised in Evangelical congregations but now have no problem allowing for same sex relationships. They recognize that the Bible must be interpreted in the light of its culture on any issue (other examples include slavery, world religions, women’s rights, and science). They have already left Evangelical churches that they perceive as culturally backward. They are not necessarily activists, but they do not want to cause pain to others, support injustice or be on the wrong side of history.

I wonder how the Evangelical megachurches that dot America’s suburbs will fare over the next ten years, as more and more Evangelicals distance themselves from opposing the gay rights movement. I would love to believe that calm, rational dialogue will win out. My best guess, however, based on my experience in the Evangelical world, is that there will be internal strife that will eventually lead to church splits and decline, as younger and more progressive members exit.

With a majority of Americans now supporting same sex marriage and more and more states making same sex marriage legal, it will be interesting to see how Evangelical pastors and congregations respond to a rapidly-changing America.


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