When Christians are unChristian

When Christians Are unChristian January

I’m excited to begin a new sermon series at One Church this Sunday entitled, “When Christians are unChristian.” It’s based on the book unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity and Why It Matters by Dave Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons.

The sermon tittles are:

  • Jan 5   | When Overly Partisan in Politics
  • Jan 12 | When Anti-Science and Irrational
  • Jan 19 | When Hypocritical
  • Jan 26 | When Alienating Those Who Are Gay

On January 26, I’ll interview two women in our congregation. One is the mother of an adult daughter who is gay and recently married her partner. The other is a woman in our congregation who is gay and in a 14 year relationship with her partner. They are raising three adopted children together. I will interview them about their experience of being gay in the church world.

My hope is that the series will be a transformative event for the people of One Church and a second chance at faith for people the Southeast Valley of Phoenix who have rejected Religious Right Christianity.


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