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TXT: Controversial Messages of the Bible

In October, One Church is beginning a new sermon series entitled TXT: Controversial Messages of the Bible. We’ll explore four of the most provocative messages in the Bible:

Week 1 | How was the Bible was Written and Formed?

Week 2 | Does the Bible Condone Violence (ex. the Canaanite Genocide)?

Week 3 | What does the Bible teach about Slavery and Sexuality?

Week 4 | Did Jesus Really Claim to be the Son of God?

One Church is committed to be a church where questions and doubts are welcome. We’re not afraid to address the most difficult subjects for American churches. It is a guarantee that some people will leave the church, but addressing difficult subjects will bring more people who appreciate the church’s approach.

On week three, I will address the topic of Christians and homosexuality. This will require sensitivity and a calm, reasonable tone.

Click for more info about the sermon series here. You can also watch or listen to sermons anytime at


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