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Dragon Naturally Speaking App

Starting One Church is taking every waking minute of my time. I’m having to intentionally set boundaries to make sure that I’m spending some time with my family in the evenings and taking one day off per week. So, any technology that helps me save time is worth a lot… especially if it’s free.:)

I’ve been using the Dragon Naturally Speaking app for awhile. It enables you to speak texts, email, notes, ideas, etc. into your phone, correct them if necessary, and then email it, text it, publish it Facebook or Twitter, etc. It’s incredibly accurate, and I’ve literally spoken entire sermons into my phone and then emailed them to myself.

You can only record in about 30 second chunks, but that’s not a problem. At the end of about 30 seconds, you just click “Done.” The screen displays the text of what you’ve spoken so far. You can then hit “Record” again and add to your message or email or text it, publish it to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It’s one of the most helpful apps I’ve found. Read more about it here:



    The Beatitudes
    Matthew 5v3-12

    Jesus begins every statement with “Blessed are…” The New Testament was written in Greek, and the word for “Blessed” is “Makarioi.”

    Makarioi was used of the Greek gods at one time to describe people who had it so good that they didn’t have to work. Later, it came to mean people whom John Fogerty would call a “fortunate son,” people who were born with silver spoons in their mouths, who were the lucky ones.

    Jesus teaches that where God is working in the world people who are poor in spirit are really the fortunate ones. People who mourn are the lucky ones. People who are humble have silver spoons in their mouths. People who are merciful have it made in the shade. People who are pure in heart are the rich ones. People who make peace are living on easy street. People who are persecuted for doing the right thing are actually the fortunate ones.

    In God’s kingdom the common values of our world are reversed. God rewards those who suffer and make the world a better place… even if it doesn’t appear to be that way now.

    Do you see your circumstances the way Jesus sees them? Are you really one of the lucky ones and haven’t yet realized it? Don’t live another day without knowing that you have a rich dad. Your Heavenly Father makes you one of the lucky ones.

Church Planting, Pastors, Uncategorized

The Very Beginning

My family and I just relocated to Chandler, AZ a few days ago to start a brand new non-denominational church called One Church.

Our mission is to create a community in which thinking people who are disconnected from the church are becoming growing followers of Jesus Christ.
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