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Listen to “The Night before Christmas”

This past Sunday, I gave a sermon entitled “The Night before Christmas.”

The Christmas story is much more fascinating and real to life than we give it credit for. The way that Luke describes Jesus in The Gospel of Luke chapter 2 makes a profound statement about the way you will choose to live your life today.

Luke 2 is impossible to understand without knowing something about Augustus Caesar. In fact, much of the early Christians’ understanding of who Jesus is came from defining Jesus in contrast to Caesar.

The material you will hear in this message is troubling to some Christians, but it shouldn’t be. If Jesus were born in 21st century America, we would define him in the best way we know how, and, because it’s the highest office in America, we would probably use the same language to describe Jesus that we use to describe the President of the United States.

So, the Christmas story asks the question, “Today, will you choose to follow Caesar or will you choose to follow Jesus?

Listen to The Night before Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Listen to “The Night before Christmas”

  1. David Perkins says:

    Last week’s sermon was full of interesting information. We’re still discussing it. I only wish I could have written faster as I took notes.

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