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Are Bible Stories Like Noah and the Ark and Jonah and the Fish Really True?

This was my sermon title on September 4 for the first week of our new series iDoubt: Questions about Faith.

Listen to the teaching.

Read the PDF manuscript.

See the “Great Fish.”

God and Natural Disasters

Noah and the Flood brings up a question in some people’s minds, “Does God cause natural disasters?”

This question appears in my manuscript but not in the teaching audio.

After Hurrican Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti, a couple of televangelists remarked that God has caused these natural distasters to punish the inhabitants of both of those areas.

Jesus was asked about whether or not God caused a disaster in Luke 13. Jesus’ answer indicates that God does not cause disasters because some people are worse “sinners” than others.

Instead, natural disasters happen because they happen. This is precisely why we call them natural disasters. They happen as a part of the ecosystem of the natural world. They do not need to be caused by God. They just happen.

So, I do not believe that God causes natural disasters, and if God did cause them, we would have no way of knowing it, anyway. We are called by God to help those who suffer in disasters, not to judge them.


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