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In Honor of Steve Jobs

Following Steve Jobs’ resignation from Apple, I thought I would reprise an idea I blogged about a few months ago, preaching like Steve Jobs.

While you watch his latest keynote presentation on iCloud, notice:

  • The visual simplicity of Jobs’ presentation and the way he dresses (minimalistic)
  • The clarity and simplicity of his speech
  • The logical progression of his ideas
  • His enthusiasm about his subject
  • The practicality of the products he presents
  • How he is so believable and natural
  • His sense of humor
  • The way he anticipates and addresses audience objections 

What other observations do you notice about Steve Jobs’ presentation style? 

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4 thoughts on “In Honor of Steve Jobs

  1. Mario says:


    Just wanted to say that I have really been enjoying your blog. You offer great insights and reminders for those in ministry. As a speaker of God’s Word, I love all the tips for preaching. Keep up the good work buddy. Maybe this should be a book? Top Gear? Just an idea 🙂

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