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Critiquing my Own Preaching Style

Some people view critique and feedback negatively. Others think that if someone critiques their own performance, they’re insecure or a novice.

I’ve been preaching since I was 16 years old. My first sermon was in November of 1993, almost 18 years ago. That first year, from 16 to 17 years old, I preached 52 times.

I still critique my sermons, because I have a driving commitment to continually improve my speaking. I listened to a sermon I gave a couple of weeks ago from Acts 2 entitled “Spirit and Mission.” 

I critique my own preaching every time I speak, but this time was awkward for me. I thought that I had made improvements in the following areas, but I made more mistakes in these areas than I wanted to:

  • Eliminate extraneous sounds like “um”, uh”, “you know”, “right?”
  • Speak in full clear sentences, not in choppy repetitive phrases. Speak in full thoughts. Don’t be choppy or cavalier.
  • Relax and vary voice inflection more. Ironically, I think that if I relax, my voice pitch will naturally become more interesting.
  • Hold a Bible occasionally, so that the congregation can “see” an open Bible and be reminded of the importance of the Bible. Don’t rely on Scripture printed only on paper or on the projection screen.

I’m going to be working on improving these areas in my next sermon.

Putting insecurity aside, what do you need to improve in your job performance?


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