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iDoubt: Questions about Faith Results

We received 115 questions online and on index cards. Here are the four most common questions that will be addressed in each sermon:

Sept. 4- Are Bible Stories Like Jonah and the Fish and Noah and the Ark Really True?

Sept. 11- Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Sept. 18- What Does the Bible Really Teach about Heaven and Hell?

Sept. 25- How do I Know if I Have Enough Faith?

The goal of each sermon is to fairly present two opposing views on each question, and then the speaker will humbly share his view. Unthoughtful, easy answers are out of date. 

Many people have given up on God and the church because they have received simple, incomplete answers to their questions that actually do more harm than good. This is a chance to acknowledge doubts, think about some of the big questions of faith and maybe, just maybe, give some people hope who have given up on church.


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