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Paternity Leave

I’m blessed to have paternity leave as an option through the United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church offers 8 weeks of paid paternity leave to pastors, but I worked from home for 4 weeks instead of taking all of the 8 weeks off.

I’m enjoying spending time with my son, I’m nearing the end of my grad program, and I’ve been playing guitar quite a bit. My son is growing and changing so quickly that I’m glad I have some additional time with him to watch it happen.

I appreciate being part of a forward-thinking denomination that really does support families instead of just talking about it moralistically, it as many church groups do. I’m hoping that in the near future paid paternity leave will be an option for every dad.


2 thoughts on “Paternity Leave

  1. David Perkins says:

    Good for you (And the Methodist Church)! Cherish every moment. I’m a Methodist PK, and paternity leave wasn’t an option way way back when I was born. Later on, it wasn’t unusual for Dad to miss one of my football games because of his church-related commitments.
    Looking forward to the membership class o n the 15th.

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