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Dragon Naturally Speaking for iPhone

I downloaded the Dragon Naturally Speaking iPhone app for free the other day.

It is a speech recognition software that allows you to dictate 20-30 seconds of speech into your iPhone and then automatically converts your recorded message to text. Then, you can email it, text it, etc.

I’m going to be using it to write sermons without typing when I’m away from my computer. Even though the info chucks are only a paragraph long, it will still be a huge help in sermon prep.


Some Guitar Songs in DADGAD Tuning

DADGAD is a cool tuning because you can get a banjo, sitar, bagpipe, or Celtic kind of feel from your guitar. I think it is Celtic in origin, so some Celtic and Appalachian folk songs can be played in it. Here are some other songs in DADGAD…

Kashmir- Led Zeppelin

Black Mountainside- Led Zeppelin

Amazing Grace- Click here for the tab

Man of Constant Sorrow- Soggy Bottom Boys

Click here for some songs in G Tuning

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Paternity Leave

I’m blessed to have paternity leave as an option through the United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church offers 8 weeks of paid paternity leave to pastors, but I worked from home for 4 weeks instead of taking all of the 8 weeks off.

I’m enjoying spending time with my son, I’m nearing the end of my grad program, and I’ve been playing guitar quite a bit. My son is growing and changing so quickly that I’m glad I have some additional time with him to watch it happen.

I appreciate being part of a forward-thinking denomination that really does support families instead of just talking about it moralistically, it as many church groups do. I’m hoping that in the near future paid paternity leave will be an option for every dad.