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Post Easter Sermon Series

Download the Parenthood Mailer.

Our 2011 Post-Easter sermon series is entitled Parenthood: For Parents, Grandparents, and Mentors.

It begins on Mother’s Day and ends on Father’s Day and will feature sermons relevant to anyone who is looked up to in any way, not just parents of small children. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, mentors, and anyone who influences someone else will be included.

Notice how the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day titles honor all men and women regardless of whether they have children or not (some people would love to be parents but cannot).

We will mail this two-sided direct mail piece designed by Outreach to 10,000 homes in Gahanna, mail some specifically to new residents in our area and give some to our members and regulars to give to people they know (word of mouth).

Whenever I hear that direct mail doesn’t work anymore or that it’s not worth the money, I laugh. Direct mail has worked for me in every ministry setting I’ve used it, and Outreach is very reasonable in price. We always have several new families show up after every mailer, and the effect is residual. The more mailers you send throughout the year, the more people come. We send three mailers per year.

We use these mailers in connection with our Big Day Sermon Series Strategy that I implemented at Stonybrook three years ago. Click on the Big Day link to read more. This strategy could be the primary growth engine of your church.


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