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Sacraments- Communion

This is part two of my posts on the sacraments, Baptism and Communion.

Download A Wesleyan View of Communion


Until I was six years of age, I was part of the local United Methodist Church in which my grandmother served as a layspeaker. Being so young, I do not remember exactly how often the congregation observed the Communion (it was probably quarterly), but it seemed like yearly. I have very few memories of receiving Communion as a child, but those I do have, are associated with a very somber, funeral-like experience. Located in the Appalachian region of southeastern Ohio, the small congregation was influenced by American frontier religion, and they seemed to reverence Communion so much that they hardly ever observed it. Incidentally, I was also not baptized as an infant, because the local congregation practiced only believer’s Baptism… (Download the paper to read more)


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