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Church Bulletin Design

Is it a bulletin, a worship folder, or a program? Whatever it’s called, it seems to be necessary for now until newer technology replaces it.

I have seen far too many church bulletins that were unreadable. There was way too much text. They were confusing to the eye.

1. White space is your friend. It allows the eye to read quickly and easily.

2. Keep it simple. Your bulletin doesn’t need to contain as much information as possible. Keep the main thing the main thing. Communicate what is absolutely essential to meet your goals in as few words as possible.

3. Your goals should be to:

a. Use your bulletin to welcome new people and tell them how to take the next step to connect with your church.

b. Give members and regulars necessary information (remember to point them to your website for more information that won’t fit in your bulletin because you value white space).

Here is a design I created recently for Stonybrook. It fits onto 8.5 x 14 paper, and we print it on a custom made bulletin template from outreach.com with a perforated Communication Card.

Download the Bulletin Inside Design Template. We print this every week on outreach.com’s custom printed bulletin paper.

We currently use a separate weekly announcement bulletin insert (that dreaded word), but we could probably eliminate that in the near future with website announcements and weekly email announcements.


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