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Religious Violence

We live in a world that experiences religious violence on a daily basis. Throughout recorded history, people have killed in the name of God. Those who use violence in the name of their religion may even believe that they are working for justice. 

The following quote is taken from a larger work explaining why Christians should not use violence as we work for justice in the world. Violence leads to more violence, and there is a better way:

“6. An effective defense of justice needs to be based on the truth of mankind, created in the image of God and called to the grace of divine sonship. The recognition of the true relationship of human beings to God constitutes the foundation of justice to the extent that it rules the relationships between people. That is why the fight for the rights of man, which the Church does not cease to affirm, constitutes the authentic fight for justice.

7. The truth of mankind requires that this battle be fought in ways consistent with human dignity. That is why the systematic and deliberate recourse to blind violence, no matter from which side it comes, must be condemned. [32] To put one’s trust in violent means in the hope of restoring more justice is to become the victim of a fatal illusion: violence begets violence and degrades man. It mocks the dignity of man in the person of the victims and it debases that same dignity among those who practice it.”

Instead of telling you who authored this statement, I’ll let you click through and discover for yourself. You might be surprised.



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