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Lent Sermon Series

Download the six-week Roots: A Wesleyan Lent Growth Guide PDF.

At Stonybrook, our Lent 2011 sermon series is entitled Roots: A Wesleyan Lent. We’re discovering how Jesus cultivated the spiritual life using what United Methodist Church founder, John Wesley, would later call the Means of Grace.

Wesley listed many Means of Grace, ways that we respond to God’s grace and grow. We will unearth six of them throughout the weeks of Lent- Prayer, Fasting, Scripture, Sacraments, Service, and Community.

This Lenten season, we’re returning to our roots, our roots as United Methodists and, more importantly, our roots in Jesus Christ.


7 thoughts on “Lent Sermon Series

  1. ralph says:

    =hi i am a methodist minister in south africa, cape town. browsing i saw your theme for the time of Lent. just a question how are you going to do this and is this resource availalble. i think that it is wonderful and new angle.


  2. Hi, Ralph. Thank you for commenting. For each of the six means of grace listed, we will choose a passage of Scripture from the Gospels and, and in our sermons, examine how Jesus practiced each means of grace.

    For example, in the “Scripture” sermon on March 27, I will describe how Jesus used Scripture in His own life and how we can allow Scripture to guide us and cause us to grow. I am using Luke 4v14-30 for my sermon text. Then, I will suggest a pracatical way for followers of Jesus to study and apply Scripture to our lives.

    I am also creating a Roots Guide that will briefly explain each of these six means of grace and suggest practical ways to apply that means of grace to our lives during Lent. It will be available on my blog in another week or so.

  3. Ron says:

    I am fascinated and quite curious about your “Wesleyan” approach to Lent. What a wonderful way to experience Lent and share some of our Wesleyan DNA. By the way, I am also a United Methodist pastor. I would like more information and a copy of your Roots Guide, if possible.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    I was wondering if I could use the graphic for this article in an article for MyCom called, “Practicing the means of grace through your church’s website.” MyCom is UMCom’s communications eNewsletter – Let me know. Thanks!

  5. Larry Schmoekel says:

    I would also like to see the material you spoke about putting on yuour blog – and I do not seem to find it. I know this is almost a year later – but is this material still available? I serve a part-time Methodist Church and think this is exactly what I am looking for for this year. Thanks for any help,

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