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This weekend, I’ll be teaching on “The Bible and Divorce”. My hope is that it will be a thoughtful and healing talk on one of the most painful topics in life that is often mishandled by the Church.

In short, there is a debate within the Bible itself regarding divorce. There is no one definitive statement in Scripture about divorce, and that debate continues today as various denominations and non-denominational churches take different stances.

There is a general movement in Scripture, however, in the direction of elevating marriage while acknowledging the brokenness of humanity and the occurrence of divorce. While I do not blindlessly follow the declarations of any denomination, I believe that the United Methodist position expresses reality well:

“In the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church, we find the following statement regarding divorce: ‘Divorce-God’s plan is for lifelong, faithful marriage.’ The church must be on the forefront of premarital and postmarital counseling in order to create and preserve strong marriages. However, when a married couple is estranged beyond reconciliation, even after thoughtful consideration and counsel, divorce is a regrettable alternative in the midst of brokenness. We grieve over the devastating emotional, spiritual, and economic consequences of divorce for all involved and are concerned about high divorce rates.”

As you might expect, the position of the United Methodist Church regarding divorce has evolved over time. For more information, click the following link to go the United Methodist Church website:


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