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Church Business Meeting Timesavers

Tired of spending too much time in church business meetings?

Time is perhaps the most valuable commodity we have. So, most of us want to make sure that our time is not wasted. Paul tells the Ephesian Christians to “redeem the time” (Eph. 5v16).

Church meetings are notorious for taking too long to accomplish too little. More than that, unnecessary time we spend in meetings is time we spend apart from our families.

Wasted time in church meetings often involves:

  • Unnecessary or fellowship-oriented discussion that takes the meeting off agenda
  • Participants showing up after the meeting has started, forcing others to repeat to them what they missed
  • Agendas that attempt to accomplish too much in too little time

I put together some Church Meeting Guidelines to schedule and use church meetings efficiently (and with this discipline your churh will probably accomplish a lot more than before). My guidelines use the United Methodist terminology with which I am most familiar. Substitute “Elder Board” for “Church Council”, etc. to fit your context.

If you don’t adopt my guidelines exactly, how could you still implement a new church meeting schedule that values time more than your current one?

Download a Word doc of Church Meeting Guidelines.


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