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Bible Commentaries

This is part two of my series on Bible study resources. Someone asked me recently what resources I would recommend, so here we are…

I realize that there are lots of Christians who would never dream of studying the Bible deeply enough to use a Bible commentary. That’s unfortunate, but this post is for followers of Jesus who are willing to put real effort into their growth.

In my opinion, the best commentary series for non-seminary trained persons is the NIV Application Commentary. There is a separate volume for almost every book of the Bible, so you can buy one for a few bucks used and study one book of the Bible for quite some time. Each volume features three sections- Original Meaning, Bridging Contexts, and Contemporary Application.

Another great commentary for people who haven’t been to seminary is NT Wright’s Everyone series. It’s an inexpensive, down to earth paperback commentary series written by one of the best New Testament scholars in the world.

Then, regardless of your level of comfort with the Bible, I believe that the best commentary series available is the recently released New Interpreter’s Bible. It is very expensive, but you can also find it in some public libraries.


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