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Love, Sex, & Marriage Sermon Series

This is a sermon series resource for pastors.

We announced in our Christmas Eve services that we would be featuring a sermon series entitled Love, Sex, & Marriage Jan. 9- March 6. Yesterday, on Jan. 9, the attendance in our contemporary service jumped by 67%!

We sent this mailer to 10,000 homes in our city and printed an additional 1,000 as postcards given to our members and guests on Christmas Eve for word of mouth sharing. If you want to modfy our graphics, download our custom mailer designed by

 The first image is the front of the mailer. The second image is the back. Click on each image to enlarge it, then right click on it to save it to your computer. Outreach would design a similar mailer for you or for any series you want to do.

The series is based on a series and book by Adam Hamilton entitled Making Love Last a Lifetime.

In addition, approximately one month after the series begins and the newness may be wearing off, we are hosting a guest speaker. This will hopefully give interest a shot in the arm during the deadness of the Ohio winter. In addition, the speaker’s testimony on faithfulness and forgiveness in marriage is perfect for Valentine’s Day weekend.

Our guest speaker, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, is a former professional wrestler and minister who leads Heart of David Ministry. His price is reasonable, and I have found him pleasant to work with. Of course, to many people, professional wrestling is too lowbrow or even embarrassing to associate with their congregation, but we are trying to reach a certain segment of our community.

Ted Dibiase will hopefully spark interest among some males 15-40 who may not be overly excited about a sermon series on love, sex, and marriage (at least not the love and marriage part). I also know that he is an articulate speaker and that people who snubbed their noses at the idea of a pro wrestler speaking at their church will change their minds after hearing him.

Also see “Some ‘Big Day Sermon Series’ Ideas”.


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