Homeless Guy with The Voice

Of course you’ve seen this video… at least 12 million people have in three days! I just wanted to include it in my blog because it’s such a powerful story, and he’s from Columbus.

I watched the Today interview in which Ted Williams spoke about his spiritual life. It sounds like he has worked a recovery program well.

His story is an incredible reminder to me that persons who are marginalized for whatever reason are every bit as human as the financially “successful”. When I lived in another city, the church I served as pastor, OneChurch, had a ministry to persons who are homeless that was started by Josh and Liz Barton. We took socks, underwear, water, and hygiene items to those who were homeless in the downtown area.

We discovered, however, that the best thing we could do was sit down and have a conversation with these men and women who made their homes in the streets. We discovered real people with real gifts, real intelligence, and often, real honesty.

It’s estimated by some that 50% of those who are homeless struggle with serious mental illness. If they had someone to help make sure they receive their medication, they would probably be able to make a living and afford a home. Others have chemical dependency issues and openly admit it.

There are great organizations working hard to help transition those who are homeless back into a lifestyle in which they can afford a home. Ted’s story will probably inspire many more people to volunteer and donate to those organizations. The church I now serve, Stonybrook, participates in ministry like this, and I’m proud of them for it.

Here is the link to the Columbus Dispatch website video. Make sure you watch this:


Here is the same video as long as it stays on Youtube:


6 thoughts on “Homeless Guy with The Voice

  1. Candace says:

    This guy’s story was amazing and his talent outstanding. I loved hearing him talk in his interview on TV about God and how this past year he has realized that thanking God and relying on God is what has got him thru his tough times!

  2. Bill Bartter says:


    A question – do you have a favorite Bible Commentary? I really like Barclay but he only wrote on the NT. I find Wesley very difficult to understand and his writing style very dated (hey, it was 200 years ago!). I imagine there are “modern” commentaries that current day theology students are using.

    I’ve looked on the web and I guess there are a number of them – many to choose from, just like translations. Maybe the recommendation is to choose one or two you like and stick with it! In some cases, it requires some heavy lifting. But it’s worth the work, right?

    What’s your view? Do you have a favorite?


    • Hi Bill,

      I would recommend the NIV Application Commentary series and the New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary series. Both can be purchased one at a time by book (or a few books) of the Bible or as a series.

  3. mookdogg33 says:

    Great Story and I love the shout out to One Church! Those were some good times in downtown Phoenix! Good ole Shea!

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