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Tony Morgan’s 10 Keys to Better Sermon Series Planning

I can’t think of any better post to begin the year than a post about one of the most important responsibilities of pastors, excellent preaching.

Great sermon series can be the most effective ministry that your church engages in. God speaks to people through Scripture, and preaching is the primary way congregations will here the message.

Although lectionary preaching helps to teach a broad swath of Scripture, I believe that biblical and relevant sermon series are the best way to preach for several reasons:

  1. Sermon series are strategic leadership tools. You can lead the congregation throughout the year with specific topics of discipleship and with vision.
  2. Sermon series are great invitation tools. They can be used to help your members invite newcomers.
  3. Sermon series bring newcomers back. Guests are more likely to return on successive weeks to experience more sermons in the series.
  4. Sermon series are versatile. You can preach both topical and exegetical sermons. For example, you could teach a series on Love, Sex, & Marriage, Paul: The Apostle of Grace, or 1 John. You can, and should, make sure that you teach the whole of Scripture and just your pet passages.

Tony Morgan has some great tips for planning sermon series. Click here to go to

Also see “Some ‘Big Day Sermon Series’ Ideas.


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