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John Wesley’s Doctrine of Sanctification

John Wesley’s doctrine of sanctification, especially Christian perfection, is one of the most misunderstood theological ideas, even in Wesleyan churches.

If you’re into understanding your faith, hopefully this will help. If you’re not, then it will be like 12 pages of Ambien…

Download Sanctification Paper.


3 thoughts on “John Wesley’s Doctrine of Sanctification

  1. I enjoyed reading the paper. I’ve posted on the subject of entire sanctification myself on my own blog (at I have question for you after reading the paper, just to clarify something: do you think that the Church of the Nazarene continues to emphasize the instantaneous when it comes to entire sanctification?

  2. Hi Chad. I visited your blog and saw that you are a member of the Church of the Nazarene, so you would know more about its current stance than I do.

    From my time within the Church of the Nazarene, I would guess that the general belief is shifting back toward a more progressive understanding of entire sanctification while, like Wesley, believeing that there is a crisis moment in which one has become entirely sanctified. The most recent Nazarene source I used in my paper is Grace, Faith, and Holiness, which is more than 20 years old.

    What would you say the general position of the CON currently is?

  3. Ryan,

    I think you are correct in your assessment of a shift. I would say that the general position of the CoN is that sanctification is both crisis and process: a crisis moment, followed by a lifelong process of being perfected.

    From speaking with some “old guard” Nazarenes I know that at one point the idea was quite prevalent in the Nazarene church that one could become sanctified and then never sin again. This is no longer held to be true, and I’ve personally heard the DS of my own district decry the notion, stating that he didn’t care if someone was sanctified 50 years ago — he wanted to know if they were sanctified today.

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