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Free Sermon Series Idea with Graphics- The Unknown God

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(To download the Title Graphic and Background Graphic, click on each to enlarge it, then right click on it and save to your computer.)

Here is a sermon series idea conceived of by Jim Hall from Stonybrook United Methodist Church. Paul speaks of the Unknown God in Acts 17.

Jim’s three sermon titles are: Unknown Love, Unknown Grace, and Unknown Power. I included two alternate titles in parentheses.

Series Title: The Unknown God

Series Theme: You can know the God of love, grace, and power.

Week 1

Title: Unknown Love (Unknown Creativity)

Text: 17v24-26

Theme: God is the Creator, the Original Artist, and He created in order to have a relationship with you. We can know something about God from creation, both humans and nature.

Central Image: A picture of planet Earth from space or the of a Hubble Deep Field image

Felt-Needs Addressed:Doubt of God’s existence, conflict between faith and science, belief that we cannot know what God is like

Week 2

Title: Unknown Grace (Unknown Closeness)

Text: 17v27-29

Theme: We are God children, and God is our parent, only closer to us than any other person could ever be.

Central Image: A baby crib (what new parent doesn’t love just watching his or her baby sleep in the crib?)

Felt-Needs Addressed:Loneliness, hurt caused by parents, feelings of being distant from God, feelings of being unforgivable

Week 3

Title: Unknown Power

Text: 17v29-33

Theme: God will one day judge the world but will resurrect those who are His, because God is a God of resurrection.

Central Image: The empty tomb and perhaps a movie clip or video testimony illustrating resurrection

Felt-Needs Addressed: Feeling helpless or out of control, pessimism about the future, grief over death of loved ones, doubt about the afterlife, hopelessness, questions about heaven (the new earth of Rev. 21v1)

Using the Series Graphics

  • The images are in 16:9 aspect ratio. If your church projection display is 4:3, then you can just add a black background in the back of every slide, and what the 16:9 images do not cover will be black.
  • If you want the .psd or vector files, feel free to email me for them.
  • Graphics created by Ryan Gear

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