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NBA Team in Columbus (Part Deux)

I wrote a post about this a few months ago, and then again  today, I heard the Common Man and the Torg on 97.1 discuss how great it would be if Columbus had an NBA team. I think Columbus is ready, and I believe an NBA team would work.

The primary reason I believe an NBA team would work in Columbus is exactly what the Torg said today: the NBA is a star-power league, and Columbus fans will pay to see stars far more than NHL teams. The Blue Jackets have done pretty well in Columbus as a mediocre team with no stars before last year’s abysmal season.

1. A Columbus NBA team would be able to draft a young star in the first couple of years, and this would bring some amount of star-power to Columbus.

2. Columbus fans will buy tickets to see stars on visiting teams. You have a large crowd guaranteed for many games simply because of the star-power on the opposing teams! Columbus fans will pay to see:

Kobe and Gasol

Lebron and D-wade


Steve Nash

Dwight Howard

The Celtics (a team of older stars and Rondo)

Kevin Durant

Derrick Rose

Carmelo Anthony

Amare Stoudemire

Gilbert Arenas and John Wall

Carlos Boozer

Evan Turner (remember him?)

Tim Duncan


Even if the Hornets don’t come to Columbus, I think an NBA team could land here within the next five years.

Also see “NBA Team in Columbus, OH”  where I list more reasons why an NBA team would work in Columbus.


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