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Advent Prayers

In the fast-paced and shallow 15-minutes-of-fame era that we live in, prayers that are centuries old have a comforting, grounding effect even on teenagers and 20-somethings.

The Ancient-Future worship movement has been hitting home for several years now. While the Baby Boomers largely abandoned tradition, younger people are welcoming a return to some forms of worship that are rooted in the past, even the ancient past.

At the same time, those more traditional elements are not just mindlessly repeated. They are reinterpreted and creatively made relevant for the 21st century. I, personally, find that a fusion of the ancient and 21st century strikes a chord in me. On that note (yes, terrible pun intended) here are some traditional prayers for the Advent season and some thoughts about the importance of it:

Advent Prayers from The United Methodist Church

Advent Prayers from the Church of England

“Why Should We Care about Advent?” by Rob Bell


3 thoughts on “Advent Prayers

  1. Sheila says:

    This kind of worship strikes a chord with me as well. I have been curious about the type of worship that Onechurch will have–do you envision incorporating some ancient-future elements into the service?

    • Hi Sheila, we will draw upon church history in our worship services. In my experience, a significant number of people appreciate learning from the spiritual lives of great Christians Who have gone before us. I’ve found that even people who are skeptical of “tradition,” actually appreciate wisdom from hundreds of years in the past. In a world full of hype, a lot of people value wisdom that has stood the test of time.

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