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Free Worship Design Resource

Granger Community Church Summer 2010

Download Worship Design.

This is an “agenda” for a weekly worship design meeting. The purpose is to plan meaningful worship services weeks or months in advance.

  • To be most effective, I believe pastors should flexibly plan sermons series 1-2 years in advance. This gives the worship design team plenty of time to plan in a big way. The worship design team then fleshes out the coming 6 weeks in more detail.
  • Working weeks or months in advance gives the worship design team time to plan videos, props, trips, sets, anything that will enhance the communication power of the worship service. For example, Adam Hamilton ( has taken trips to Africa and the Holy Land and then used footage in a future sermon series, because the series was planned before he even took the trip!
  • A worship design system like this will immeasurably raise the quality of your worship services. And it will make sermon preparation easier as you make time to plan in advance! For a more detailed explanation, see Adam Hamilton’s Leading Beyond the Walls.

In future posts I’ll discuss the difference between sermon titles, themes, and central images.


7 thoughts on “Free Worship Design Resource

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  2. Jim Hall says:

    I agree completely, I guess my question would be if you are not a church plant how do you go about getting one to two years out on sermon series while continuing your other church duties and if you are there how long did it take to reach that time table?

    • The preaching pastor(s) need a few days per year away to prayerfully plan sermon series. Church planters are often busier than pastors of established churches, so both kinds of pastors need to intentionally schedule time away. Adam Hamilton presents a detailed plan in Leading Beyond the Walls.

      The farther out the sermon series (2 years), the less set in stone it is. However, the long range plan is a good guide, and in my view it should be planned prayerfully and not changed unless there is new leading from God.

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