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Free Advent Sermon Series Resources

Click here for “Free Advent Sermon ‘Christmas Hope'”

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Click here for “Advent Sermon Series Art”

Looking for a Christmas sermon series? Download these resources for free. Stonybrook is planning a four-week Advent sermon series for this year entitled “Simply Christmas”.

“Simply Christmas” is based on the “Advent Conspiracy” series from The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. All of these resources are COR resources that I modified. Click here for COR’s original resources, including online sermons. COR shared their resources for free at their annual Leadership Institute.

You can download the following resources for the “Simply Christmas” series for free:

1. Download the logo I created by clicking on it to enlarge it and saving it onto your computer.

2. Download the COR video promo from their website. This video will be shown in all worship services beginning two weeks before the start of the “Simply Christmas” sermon series. I changed the title at the end of the video from “Advent Conspiracy” to “Simply Christmas” using iMovie on an iMac. I apologize that I can’t show it to you due to copyright restrictions on the background music.

3. Download the Simply Christmas Postcard. This card will be given to members beginning two weeks prior to the start of the series for them to give to unchurched friends as an invitation.

The “Simply Christmas” sermon series will be followed by a two-week series on Dec. 26 and Jan. 2, but on the second Sunday of January, we will begin a new Big Day Sermon Series on “Love, Sex, and Marriage” featuring a marriage-oriented testimony from the “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine’s Day.

Click here to read more about Big Day Sermon Series

Click here to read “Sermon Delivery Tips II”

For more sermon resources, on the right sidebar of my blog, click “Sermons”


7 thoughts on “Free Advent Sermon Series Resources

  1. Bill Bartter says:


    This is great! I’m glad you don’t have that “not invented here” mentality. It’s good that you’re looking around and making use of the best resources available.

    But I will have to admit a little surprise. I always thought these great ideas were yours!

    Another observation – it’s interesting that the title of the COR series has the word “conspiracy” in it. Kind of a Hollywood spin, maybe. I prefer the SUMC title. You know the KISS phrase – keep it simple, sweetheart (and other s words).


  2. Bill, thanks for your comment. Very few ideas are original. Matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had one.:) COR got in the Advent Conspiracy idea from another church, as well. It sounds like we agree that if it’s a great idea, use it.

  3. Pingback: Free Advent Sermon Resource “Christmas Hope” | ryan gear

  4. Ryan thanks for the images. I’ve been using them in videos that introduce the lighting of our Advent candle this season at First Presbyterian Church, Bend, OR and as our facebook profile picture. Our theme this year is Simply Christmas so it is perfect.

    check out our facebook page: to see them

    Great stuff

    Rev. Greg Bolt

  5. Martin says:

    Ryan, do you have the four “Simply Christmas” messages available online? That’s exactly where I want to go with my church for our advent theme this year. I looked around, couldn’t find the series mp3s.

  6. Mark says:

    Wow! You got a legend of the WWF from 20 years ago to appear in your sex and marriage series. Like THAT’S never been done before….

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