NBA Team in Columbus, OH

There should be an NBA team in Columbus.

Arguments against it don’t hold up:

1. The Blue Jackets have bad attendance.

Not true. For as bad as they are, the attendance is good. If they could start winning, their attendance would skyrocket.

2. Columbus is a one sport, one team town.

Buckeye Football will always be #1 in Columbus, but that doesn’t mean that other sports can’t do well. The Crew needs to be promoted more effectively, and the CBJ just need to win. The Clippers have been in town for decades, mostly in a bad stadium, and now they have a new ballpark that pulls in more fans.

3. Buckeye basketball would suffer.

The opposite wold happen. An NBA team would actually help Ohio State basketball. More basketball teams = more attention on basketball. (I’m a pastor who starts new churches, and more new churches means that attendance in all area churches goes up.)

4.The success of the NHL in a city is an indicator of the success of the NBA.

This is laughable. NBA TV ratings are over double the ratings of the NHL. The NHL is no indicator for the success of any sport.

An NBA team in Columbus, especially one with a star player, would:

1. Sell out or come close to selling out Nationwide Arena.

2. Increase attention on the CBJ because they play in the same arena.

3. Fill the vacuum in Ohio basketball left by Lebron’s move to Miami.

4. Actually increase attention on Ohio State Basketball.

5. Would benefit the NBA because Columbus is considered to be one of the best cities of the future, is where the population of Ohio is shifting to, and is nearly recession-proof (Columbus has been one of the healthiest cities in the U.S. during the recession).

There should be an NBA team in Columbus.

So, what about a name? What would be a good name for an NBA team in Columbus?

I’ll say: The Columbus Construction Barrels 🙂


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