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Leadership Institute Wrap Up

Now that the Institute is over, I’m trying to clean up typos, but forgive me if I don’t catch them all.

I took as many notes as I could to give an accurate view of the Institute. It was an inspiring event, and I picked up some practical tips to take back home.

Some overarching thoughts about Church of the Resurrection and Adam Hamilton:

1. Adam Hamilton is the UMC’s John Wesley of the early 21st century. Adam is the de facto leader of the United Methodist Church. That’s been the case for several years, but it is crystal clear now. If there is renewal in the UMC in the 21st century, it will be primarily because God raised him up from an unchurched and then Pentecostal background and worked through him at Church of the Resurrection. Amazing.

2. Church of the Resurrection is the perfect storm of 1) an incredibly gifted leader, 2) a 21st century American religious landscape of intellectual skepticism and a longing for ancient-future religion that Adam meets, and 3) the rapid growth in South Johnson County, KS.

3. Adam seems to have every gift, but his greatest “gift” is actually a choice- to be humble, gracious, positive, and intentional about allowing others to experience Christ in him.

To anyone who envies Rev. Hamilton, the best thing you can do is to humble yourself, ask for feedback from your congregation, and better yourself and ministry. Learn from him instead of trying to be him.


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