Leadership, Pastors

Leadership Institute 2010- Church of the Resurrection (Day 2, Part 3)

Adam Hamilton then interviewed Bob and Steve.

Bob mentioned that we are in the crude keyboard stages of the internet. Voice, handwriting, etc are here, and the experience will get much richer.

Be very clear about where you’re going, but be flexible in how you get there.

At COR in 2000, the most committed members were in worship 2.8 Sundays a month. In 2010, it’s 1.8 Sundays a month. They think they are in worship every Sunday.

Members can now worship watching their iPhone while they on are trips. They were in worship.

Adam discusses how the UMC is closing small churches (I am chairing a committee to close one now). Small churches could be revived with technology.

(It occurred to me how Lifechurch.tv, led by a former Methodist pastor, is using technology better than any other church right now. The UMC needs to be a leader-friendly environment to keep innovative leaders. There are too many great pastors who are former United Methodists.)

Adam closed with prayer.




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