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Leadership Institute 2010- Church of the Resurrection (Day 2, Part 2)

Steve- Insight and specific actions (Hallmark)

Staying relevant in a changing world

Private ownership of Hallmark enables them to focus more on long-term goals than satisfying stockholders.

Hall family provides clarity on what is expected of leaders. Bob’s team has shaped the way Hallmark thinks about the future.

Insight- what we do with foresight

Steve showed a video about the 100th anniversary of Hallmark- 100 years in 100 seconds.

(When I buy Hallmark cards, I always make sure I get the gold crown. It’s a sign that I “care enough to send the very best”. :))

hallmark is Top Consumer Brand in the space of emotional connection- above Disney, Apple, Oprah, Amazon, facebook, etc.

A greeting card is a gesture of caring and kindness.

Steve showed “The Neighborly” ad from the 90’s. Steve didn’t say this, but it’s an ad about reciprocity.

Steve doesn’t see greeting cards going away, but people are sending less of them.

2000- 3 hours spent online per week, 2010- 18 hours online per week.

People are spending less time in stores… and maybe in church worship services. People seem to be caring more about their friends and being a good neighbor, however.

Simple yet insightful questions.

Why are we here?

Hallmark exists to enrich lives.

This empowered a new sense of belief in the company. It’s not “sell more cards”.

Where are we going?

Hallmark will be the company that creates a more emotionally connected world by making a genuine difference in every life, every day.

Too aspirational? That’s the point. A vision is about stretching you. It has sparked new thinking and innovation.

8 Steps to Enabling Change – Kotter (sp?) Prof @ Harvard

1. Establish a sense of urgency. (when you change when you need to, some people wonder why you need to change. They do not see future trends, so help them see them).

Steve showed video of Hallmark employees talking about change. They were acknowledging the problem- less cards selling, high cost of making cards, change in shopping habits, increased competition, the business was not as healthy as it used to be. More people using electronic means to send greeting card-like gestures. We all need to embrace the importance of change. We all need to become good at change. It is about real business transformation… and a firm belief in our ability to succeed.

Often, people suggested that someone else needed to change.:)

They had to learn to ask, “What is in the best interest of the organization?” and personal changes followed that.

2. Rally people around the vision.

Bob showed a vision video (they use a lot of video to create change in the company)- inspiring, compelling music and narration, vision statement, electronic greetings, paper cards, “What will you do?” posed to employees

3. Create short term wins.

Overcomes skepticism of employees (congregation). For Hallmark, this is new products that move toward fulfilling the vision, going after younger consumers, changed product development process, etc.

Started with need first. Then moved to format. This caused them to think more broadly than greeting cards.

Bridging the digital world

1. Print on demand cards- Steve showed a video commercial about making cards online and then Hallmark sends them. “Cards that mail themselves”.

2. Webcam greetings- Paper cards that come to life when you place them in front of a webcam. Steve showed another commercial video about this. Very cool! The card comes alive on the computer screen.

***This will not be a major part of our business immediately, but it will evolve into our future business.***

Steve shared a customer’s story about how Hallmark print on demand cards in the Netherlands. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer but created online cards and had them mailed to her friend every week after her funeral.

Storybook Reader- a product that allows you to record yourself reading the story as you flip through and read the book. Grandparents were the number one consumer segment. They recorded themselves reading stories to their grandkids.

(I could hear people sniffling at this point… okay, expecting our first child, I was too):)

Steve showed another upcoming holiday ad about Storybook reader. (More sniffles):)

Loyal consumers now do things with Hallmark products that Hallmark did not anticipate. (Bob’s Commons and Reciprocity points)

Steve showed a video about a couple in the process of adopting a child who sent a storybook reader to him in advance, so he could hear their voices in advance. (This is not helping the sniffle situation).:)

Dayspring is a subsidiary of Hallmark.

Dayspring introduced products for back-to-school that included encouraging Bible verses that kids could take to school. They included an Dayspring exhibit in the church lobby and gave us free Dayspring cards.

Steve ended by repeating the questions “Why are we here?” and “Where are we going?” and stated that he was fulfilling Hallmark’s mission to enrich live by here today.

He then thanked participants, largely pastor, for their service. “If you’re successful, we are all going to have a better world to live in”.





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