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Leadership Institute 2010- Church of the Resurrection (Day 2, Part 1)

Adam continued with the theme “A Future of Hope”, quoting Jeremiah 29:11. Asking about the future of the Church and how we can help shape it.

Steve Hawn- Senior VP Strategic Planning at Hallmark North America.

Bob Johanson- Futurist,  Institute for the Future (has published several books including Get There Early)



VUCA future- volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous

Faith in the Future: Preparing for a Future with Hope

Faith = a meaningful leap into uncertainty

Faith makes meaning

Faith in the future = a leap into the always uncertain future that makes meaning.

Faith in the future makes meaning

Your job is to embrace that confusion and flip it into opportunities. Bridge, bring together, diverse points of view, and build practical bridges.

Bob showed a diagram  involving foresight, insight, and action (decisions in the present in light of foresight and insight).

Syudied the future of the Episcopalian Church. Episcopalian church called it “discerning questions”. Published the Book of Provocation and Leaders Make the Future.

Bob led us through a laminated paper map given to us as we entered the sanctuary that illustrates how the next decade will effect the Episcopal Church and how the church can affect the future.

Leaders create “Commons”- communities that agree on the same task and work together to accomplish that task (the participants in LI are a Common).

Foresight- preparing your mind, discerning questions (do not jump to answers too early), discernment.

Faith lives between insight and action (same place strategy lives).

1939 World’s Fair Futurama- future under glass

1964 Tomorrow-Land (ex. picture phone introduced) Participants were given a pin that read “I have seen the future”. It was sponsored by General Motors.:)

Bob created a new pin, “I Am Making the Future”. We all are. We have the “Maker Instinct”.

Judging too soon is the classic mistake of fundamentalists and extremists. Their minds are made up.

The other extreme is to decide too late and be an extreme pacifist.

Faith lives between deciding too soon and too late.

Dilemma Flipping- there are many problems we cannot solve. Leaders will deal with these problems that won’t go away, and we have to flip them into opportunities.

Examples of Foresight

A “generation” is now about 6 years if you are <25. Only those <14 in 2010 are true digital natives. By 2020, everyone < 24 will be a digital native. Let the digital natives “reverse mentor” you.

The media you experience during your coming of age is your native media.

Immersive Learning Ability- learned through video gaming. It is the learning media of choice for digital natives.

Invite kids to teach seminars on video gaming.

Bob showed a pic of a girl and boy who were enthralled right before the “Epic Win”. Their faces don’t look like that in church.

Bob then showed a video of a new Microsoft gaming platform that mimics gestures with a virtual pet.

The last decade was driven by engineering. The next decade will be driven by biology, the Global Well-being Economy.

Use biological metaphors- grow, forest, organic, environment. Get rid of mechanical metaphors.

Bio-Empathy (the ultimate is childbirth)

Mobs, Commons, environments




Wikipedia (I created Adam Hamilton’s Wikipedia page as a way to thank him for his influence in my life)

Next 10 years, Internet “sensors” in our bodies. Internet connections that have never happened before.

“If a future is easy to name, it’s not worth studying.”

“The future is already here. It’s just unevenly distributed” -William ???

Reciprocity-based innovation

In the VUCA world, there is a great hope, new large-scale Commons who will kindle more innovation the more people get involved. The more connected we become, the safer, more powerful, and better the world will become.

Give things away in the faith that you’ll get more back in return.

It’s better to give than receive. -According to neuroscience, happiness psych, and most of the world’s religions

1/3 of modern psych is dedicated to happiness, and what makes people happy is giving and… forgiving

Cloud Computing

Anything that happens on the net- beyond your device. “The network is the computer” will come true. The cloud will encourage faith, reciprocity, and amplify innovations.

By 2020, everyone on the planet will have internet access and sensors in their bodies.

We don’t want people who are hungry, hurting… and connected. Terrorists use this now.

Technology is just an amplifier

Get involved now give faith away.

Smart Mob Organizing, Commons Creating

Do you have faith in the future?

Leaders create Commons of Reciprocity.

Bob showed a video about “reality glasses”, point of view of narrator, includes Bible verses and facts about the world  in corner of the screen, advice from friends and mentors. Tags are included in various scenes.

In 10 years, we won’t log on to internet. The internet will be a filter that we carry with us. iPhone does this now as you point it toward a restuarant, you can get reviews and comments from friends.

You could have a church overlay app.

Bob showed a pic of a display on your sleeve as you point to a bottle of juice in the grocery store- get it’s shipping history, reviews, cost, impact on the environment, etc.


Major Trends over the next 10 years

Map (I’ll add more later)










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