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Leadership Institute 2010- Church of the Resurrection (Day 1, Part 1)

Plenary Session 1- Thursday October 7, 2010
Rev. Adam Hamilton

The session opened with worship led by a contemporary band (COR offers worship services in both traditional Methodist and contemporary formats).

Adam introduced the theme of COR’s 3 dreams- creating a community where irreligious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians, newing the denominaton, and transforming the world.

Adam showed a 3 minute video celebrating COR’s 20 th anniversary narrated by a 20 yeard old young woman named Olivia who was the second person baptized at COR 20 years ago. Adam asked if Olivia’s best days are behind her or ahead of her. He believes the same about COR and every congregation.

The difference between the best days being behind or ahead is leadership.

Adam humbly admitted that COR gets things wrong and is criticized in all kinds of ways. One example is that they get called Six Flags Over Jesus. He showed a video clip of a sermon in which he mistakenly said “Viagra” when he meant “Rogaine”. Good start!:)

Adam then began talking about what Jesus was (is) about and how to make disciples of Jesus.

Isaiah 40 – shepherd

Ezekiel- shepherd

Luke 19:10- Jesus came to seek and save Zacchaeus

God created human beings with a purpose, and part of that is that we might be recipients of his love. We have children because we want to give love away. One reason we are Christians is to let God love us. Many in our culture may have a hard time understanding this because many of the most vocal Christians are not loving.

Luke 16- Parable of the lost son

We reciprocate God’s love, in praise, in the way we live our lives

We’re meant to share God’s love.

Jesus’ first message was “repent, for the kingdom of God is near” (repent- change how you think)

Jesus started a movement of people who would change the world.

Jesus came to restore what was broken in Eden (John’s Gospel “in the beginning…”, buried in a garden, the post-resurrection Jesus looks like a gardener).

religion- “not to get man into heaven but to get heaven into man”.

Transforming the world, restoring paradise, think and act differently.

That’s discipleship.


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