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Window Shop for a Casket

I’m all for innovation, but this might be a little too far.

Then again, maybe not. They might have just found a great niche market. This is a new store near where I live that sells pine caskets. It’s located in a plaza with several storefronts. You can walk along the sidewalk right up to the windows. The best part is that it’s flanked by a Chinese restaurant, a bar, and a cigar shop. So, you can eat some fried food, grab a drink and a smoke, and then go pick out your casket… true one-stop shopping.

Click on these pics to enlarge them. You can see reflections of me and some cars, but look at what’s just inside the store. Caskets on the left; tombstones on the right. (Notice the cremation urns on the bottom left).

I’ll be using these pics in an upcoming sermon about leaving a legacy. It’s ready-made entertainment.

I wonder if this store will flop or if it might actually work. I’m sure there are people who are looking for inexpensive funeral/burial services, and I would guess that these people provide that. It’s lowbrow. It’s odd, but lots of new innovations were viewed that way in the beginning. I’m dying (yes, I did) to find out.


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