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Free Leadership and Mentoring Presentation

Rev. Edmund Chan, pastor of the Covenant Church in Singapore, recently gave a presentation on leadership and mentoring in New York. It is an intenional one-on-one plan for making disciples that grew the church from being the smallest church in its denomination to a congregation of 8,000 4,000 (corrected after I received Edmund Chan’s gracious comment below). You can see in Rev. Chan’s presentation the Eastern focus on interpersonal relationships vs. an assembly line model of discipleship.

Click the link to download the PDF… edmund-chan-new-york-2010-on-mentoring

I got this presentation from http://learningfromtheglobalchurch.wordpress.com/. Thanks to Dr. Joseph Chon, Adjunct Professor of Evangelism and World Missions at Ashland Theological Seminary for the link.



2 thoughts on “Free Leadership and Mentoring Presentation

  1. Edmund Chan says:

    Hi Ryan,
    You are right that Covenant EFC was the smallest church in the slowest-growing denomination in Singapore at that time. Praise the Lord it grew. Nonetheless, just to set the record straight, Covenant is about 4000 strong and not 8000 as reported (I don’t know how it was reported and certainly it wasn’t from me!) I trust it would be 8000 and beyond in God’s time and grace!

    Edmund Chan
    Senior Pastor, Covenant EFC

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