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Free Wedding Ceremony Resources

Officiating weddings can be a challenge for new pastors. At the same time, pastors with a lot of wedding experience may still use outdated resources.

You can download these resources, sit down with the couple in front of your computer, walk through this wedding ceremony template with them, and then email it to them when they leave the counseling session. The couple can use the document to have programs made, etc.

I got the originals from Andrew Conard’s blog at http://andrewconard.com/ and then modified them to fit my communication style. They are still a work in progress for me. Andrew is a pastor at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS, where Adam Hamilton is the senior pastor.

Here is a 1. wedding ceremony with options, and 2. vows and Scripture reading options:

Ask the couple to email you a two page document one month before the wedding (I got this idea from Adam Hamilton’s book Unleashing the Word) The bride and groom each type a one one page in answer to each of the following questions:

1. What do you love about this person?

2. Why do you want to marry this person?

Then read excerpts from their answers before your wedding sermon. Guests love hearing the couple’s story, and it cutomizes the wedding ceremony for the couple.


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