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Are You Ready for a Job Change?

According to economists, the recession is officially over, but I’m sure that most people don’t feel like it’s over. The job market has yet to bounce back.

During a recession most people stay parked in their jobs even if they don’t like them just to have something they hope is secure. When this recession actually FEELS like it’s finally over, however, there will be a huge shake up in the job market as people who have been waiting to change jobs go for it. Sometime in the near future, lots of jobs will open up as others get filled.

When these new jobs open up, will you be ready to make your next career move? The opportunity will be there, so how are you preparing yourself now- education, networking, resume building, etc.?

In Financial Peace University, Dave Ramsey suggests that you contact potential employers now and let them know that you would like to work for them in the future. It’s about building a relationship, so that when you’re ready to change jobs, employers will already know you.

When the job market shakes up, will you be ready to make your move?

Some additional resources:

(Survey in the UK)


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(Be proactive)



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