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Restoring Sanity in Politics

I love this. Leave it to comedians to make sense.

Maybe it’s the fact that my first child on the way, I don’t know, but I am getting more and more disturbed by how juvenile American politics has become in the last 15 or so years. To me, political campaigns now resemble middle school kids arguing with each other, and the cable news pundits are the antagonists, the mouthy kids who want to see other people fight. Very few actual issues are discussed, and if they are, it is done using half-truths and smear tactics. If married persons communicated this way, divorce would be inevitable.

Apparently, we voters still  fall for it. Intelligent, educated people are expected to vote for candidates who have said nothing, and we willingly do. Maybe that will change.

Leave it to a comedian to propose that voters should expect candidates and pundits to communicate like adults. Click on this link to read more…



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