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Free Sermon Manuscript- “Lose Your Guilt”

I attached the sermon manuscript for a sermon I gave yesterday entitled “Lose Your Guilt”. It includes the 5 major parts of any narrative/story according to Eugene Lowry (The Homiletical Plot) and Robert McKee (Story).

Narrative sermons are not just sermons with lots of stories. “Narrative” refers to the structure of the sermon. Every good novel, play, TV show, and movie includes five major elements of plot. A narrative sermon is structured with a plotline that fits into those five elements and moves along like a drama/story.

In my manuscript, the boldfaced terms on the left are from Eugene Lowry’s The Homiletical Plot, and the terms on the right are from Robert McKee’s Story. See my blog post “Narrative Sermons”  for more info about how each element of the plot works.

Here’s the sermon manuscript… Lose Your Guilt Narrative Sermon Manuscript

P.S. Thanks to Rob Bell for the inspiration from his sermon “The Goat has Left the Building”.


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