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Hipster Church

AMAZING article in Christianity Today entitled “Hipster Faith”. Hilarious! What is a hipster? Hipsters:

1. Despise any kind of corporate establishment.

2. Ride fixed gear bicycles.

3. Wear skinny jeans and pretentious accessories, like large plastic frame glasses.

4. Purchase expensive books and other items that protest against consumerism (hipsters can’t live up to their own ideals).

5. Cant stand hipsters (this could reveal an identity crisis or maybe a willingness to critique themselves as well as everything else).

6. Eat organic.

7. Drink microbrews.

8. Love indie bands that have, ironically, achieved commercial success.

9. Value intellectual pursuits, questioning assumptions, and free thinking.

10. Write blog posts like this criticizing hipsters.

Read the full CT article here.

(9/29- CNN just ran an article about Christian hipsters here.)


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