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Some “Big Day Sermon Series” Ideas

You don’t have to copy these series. Use them to inspire new ideas in you.

What I call a “Big Day Sermon Series” is a series that is designed to speak to felt-needs of people, whether churched or unchurched, that take place around the high attendance days of the church year. Several high-profile pastors have been doing this for years and calling it by various names. Adam Hamilton calls it a Fishing Expedition Series, for example. The Big Days are Christmas, Easter, and Back to School in the Fall, usually after Labor Day.

These Big Day Sermon Series begin the second Sunday after Christmas, the Sunday after Easter, and the Sunday after Labor Day. I send out a 10,000 piece mailer to the community, inviting them to worship with us, before the start of each series.

The way the Big Day Series works with our connection process (sounds better than “assimilation” process) is that we also hold sign-ups for our new 12 week small groups (see Nelson Searcy’s book Activate) during these sermon series. Our hope is that new people will come to worship during the Big Day Series and then sign up for a small group that starts immediately after the Big Day series ends.

I’ve gotten a lot of these ideas from other pastors like Adam Hamilton, Craig Groeschel, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and others. I’ll share my own ideas after I use them.:)

Big Day Sermon Series Ideas

Back to School (begins the Sunday after Labor Day)

Hostage (
The Vow (
It’s All in Your Mind (
Life Development Plan (
Why Worry? (
Hope When You Hurt (Rick Warren, I think)

January (begins the second Sunday after Christmas)

Love, Sex, & Marriage ( 2002)
Conversations with an Atheist ( 2007)
Where Science and Religion Meet ( 2005)
Doubters Anonymous (
Confessions of a Pastor (
Life. Money. Hope ( w/Dave Ramsey)
God. Love. Sex (

Easter (begins the Sunday after Easter)

Confessions of a Struggling Parent ( 2009)
Seven Simple Truths about LIFE ( 2008)
The Bible and the Afterlife ( 2005) –or – If I Die Before I Wake (
Man to Man ( even better as a Father’s Day series
Baggage (
What’s God’s Will? (
The Denominations of Christianity ( 2005)


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