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Nelson Searcy’s blog has article by Barry Shamis on hiring employees.

Here’s a quote:

“Did you have very specific, time-bound and measurable results the person needed to deliver to satisfy your business need? Whether you wrote these down or not, I can guarantee in your conscious our unconscious mind you had very specific results you wanted from this new employee.

If your new employee delivered these results, you were probably quite happy and had a successful, prosperous business. If the new person did not deliver the results, you were most likely unhappy, your business suffered and you were forced to employ the second half of the phrase.”

Especially in churches, this is so true. We often have nebulous unspoken ideas that lie behind a rather stereotypical job description. This article defends the need to write out specific measurable results that address the need we’re hiring to meet instead of just using the generic job description.

The candidates may have input into these results during the interview process, which would help to reveal whether have an accurate conception of the job and whether or not they can perform.

Here’s the blog post:



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