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The Level 5 Leader

Jim Collins on Level 5 Leadership (Thanks to Jeff Greenway, pastor of Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church, for some good convos about Level 5 Leaders)…

Jim Collins video-

  • Level 1 Leaders are “highly capable people” who can produce results of some kind as individuals, as opposed to leading teams.
  • Level 2 Leaders are team players who can accomplish good things with their teams.
  • Level 3 Leaders organize people and move them toward a goal with some effectiveness.
  • Level 4 Leaders are remarkable leaders and motivators. They lead their people toward accomplishing high goals.
  • Level 5 Leaders do 1-4, but they have reached a rare stratospheric plane of leadership. In short, they embody their cause… and with humility. They are phenomenal leaders, and their movement will live beyond them. Level 5 Leaders are rare in pastoral ministry and in leadership of any kind.

By the way, I think most leaders who think they are Level 4 or 5 Leaders are actually Level 2’s or 3’s. If we’re going to be honest, there are many pastors who are zeros; they cannot lead with vision at all and do not accomplish any meaningful goals. They are easily sidetracked and afraid of conflict.

So, 1-5, what level of leader are you?

(My answer- While many people might call me a 4, I think I’m actually a 3. By God’s grace, I hope to make it to 5 before I’m done. I’ve found that one of the most helpful ways of moving to that next level is seeking HONEST feedback from higher level leaders (like Pastor Jeff), even if it hurts. The call of leadership is too important to be afraid of temporarily getting my feelings hurt.)


3 thoughts on “The Level 5 Leader

  1. Hey dude! Thanks for sharing this with me! Great stuff. I would agree with you on your thoughts about pastors.

    My hope and prayer is that I can find some Level 5 leaders to give me some solid feedback!

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