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Was Jesus a Christian?

It’s taken 2,000 years for us to realize that Jesus was a good Jew who was probably not trying to start a new religion (although His claim to be the One sent from God demands a decision about whether to follow Him or not). So, to understand what it means to follow Jesus, we have to understand Jesus in His Jewish context. Authors like NT Wright and EP Sanders have ben writing about this for awhile. It’s not an overstatement to say that it has revolutionized my faith.

I came across a great book that sheds light on what some Jewish theologians are thinking about God these days (the pic).  Along with it, here are some other resources. Just start with one and see what you think…

  • The Jewish Study Bible
  • Our Father Abraham
  • The Parables: Jewish Tradition and Christian Interpretation (a great book to start with)
  • Everyman’s Talmud
  • Jesus the Jewish Theologian
  • The Jewish New Testament Commentary
  • What is a Jew?
  • The Jewish Book of Why
  • The Prophets
  • Jesus and the Victory of God

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