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The Shrinking 40%

Thanks to Jim Hall for this link from Granger. After we visited Granger this past Saturday, we discussed how Granger may be the end of an era, the era of the big-box Disneyworld churches.

It seems like unchurched people who are considering church now are more interested in serving and making the world a better place than being impressed by “lights and big drums” (see my post “Contemporvant”). While some church leaders may see this as a problem, could this not be the best news for the church?! Following Jesus in the New Testament seems ot look a lot more like serving than entertaining.

By the way, Granger’s worship service this past weekend was all about missions in India. They’re doing a great job of transitioning from big-box to missions training center and hub (Google Granger’s Pastor of Life Mission “Rob Wegner”). Rob describes Granger’s transition as becoming a type of college in which people are educated and trained to be missional for the rest of their lives.

Here’s the blog article:


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