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Deliver Us from Evil

I gave a sermon entitled “Deliver Us from Evil” at Stonybrook Church on March 14, 2010. We know that evil things happen all of the time in our world, and all of us face suffering caused by evil (the New Testament authors would call disease and death evil, as well).

The sermon audio was too distored to hear, so I can’t post it. I posted my manuscript and visuals, however, so you can read the sermon and follow along with the visuals. (I write my sermons to be spoken, not read, so my manuscript is not grammatically correct. I write real good-like when I wants too.)

Deliver Us from Evil Sermon Draft 5 Blog

Deliver Us from Evil Draft 5 [Compatibility Mode]

Video 1- Big Bang Theory:

Video 2- Bono speaking at the Presidential Prayer Breakfast (I showed a 2 minute clip of Bono talking about the number of times poverty is mentioned in the Bible about how he learned not to simply ask God to bless what he was doing):


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